Digital Literacy Courses in Singapore

Digital Literacy Improves Employability

Digital technology has reshaped the expectation of what are the basic requirements in an employee’s or individual skillset. While technology creates powerful business opportunities, it also creates skills gaps. In order to stay relevant in the current job market, one must keep up with the pace of technological advancement, chasing after new (digital) skills.

Organisations cannot protect jobs which are made redundant by technology but they are responsible to protect employee’s job by upskilling and reskilling - putting them through training courses from time to time. This way, it not only helps employees to expand their skillsets, make them feel motivated and encourages them to stay in the company, it also help the organisation to create a better-rounded, cross-trained workforce, and an effective team.

The most efficient way to upskill your employees is to choose the most appropriate program for each team or individual. We have adequate experience and expertise to help you build up a digitally competent pool of professionals and workforce.

Digital Literacy Courses

Perform Online Collaboration (16 hrs) (ICDL Certification Module: Online Collaboration) Funding available 2 $406.60
Use Essential Features of a Computer (16 hrs) (ICDL Certification Module: Computer Essentials) 2 $299.60
Digital Literacy: Succeeding in the Digital Workplace 2 $834.60
Complete Data Analytics For Beginners 1 $299.60
NICF - Data Visualization With Power BI (SF) Funding available 2 $1,070.00
Infographics with Data Visualization (SF) Funding available 2 $556.40





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